Tuition and Policies


Registration begins in June and continues through April. Registration is first-come, first served. Many classes fill before September, so we recommend registering early to secure placement in class. For full classes, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate other students if and when other space becomes available. Registration Fee along with first session payment must be paid at time of Registration in order to secure placement in class. Our sessions roll forward and you will be enrolled in each session unless you notify us to cancel (see below).

ONLINE REGISTRATIONS (preferred method)

You may register online by following the link provided. Once registered you will have 24-hour access to your dance account. You can view charges and payments.

Registration also available at LA Beatz Dance Studio, 2800 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth NH.



If a student wishes to drop a class, please forward prompt email or written notification to our office ten days prior to billing cycle and tuition payments will cease at the end of the current session. Discounted Semester or Annual tuition payments are non-refundable as we have reserved the student’s place in class for the full term. Sessions are Studio Credit refunds only. No Credits will be given after the session has begun without medical reason.  Credits are non-transferrable.  Full or partial refunds are granted as appropriate for medical conditions, with a physician's note.

Absence from class is non-refundable. If a student is absent from class due to sickness or inclement weather, they may attend another class of the same format the following week. Tuition, registration fees, costume payments, and recital tickets, are non-refundable and non-transferable.

LA Beatz reserves the right to cancel any class that does not fill within 2 weeks after the monthly session starts due to low enrollment. To keep a class time active we need a minimum of 4 children per class. If we do decide to cancel the class due to low enrollment we will offer you other class selections similar to your current schedule.  


The student’s level placement is made at the discretion of the dance educator. Student placements are based on age and skill level, essential for creating an optimal learning environment.

Returning Students Our goal is to keep each class progressing together at a similar pace while paying attention to the slight mixed level that will naturally arise and change throughout the year. If it is determined by the teacher that a student has been enrolled in the wrong class the studio will contact the parent/guardian immediately. We try to make all placement changes as quickly as possible. Please email or contact the office if you are unsure of your child’s placement for the new dance season.

New Students: For dancers who come to us with experience at other studios or who have been absent from us for some time, we need to ask a few questions to familiarize ourselves with your skill level and capabilities. Once we have done so we will consult with faculty members for class recommendations. Once the initial placement is determined, the first class is then used as a trial. After the first class the teacher will make an assessment and advise if proper placement has been achieved or if a switch to another class is a better fit. We are committed to finding the absolute best class for each student so that we can ensure proper training and a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Join a dance community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for recreational dance or committed to training towards a professional career , we’ve got exactly what you need.



Tuition is not prorated for student absences, sickness or scheduled holiday breaks. Tuition is per class and additional classes are discounted.  

There is an annual registration fee of $29 per family, must live in the same household. The registration fee will be waived for Active Duty Military families. 

Summer camp July and advanced two week program are offered after school is out.   There are no summer term registration fees. 

Registration fees are used to offset costs involved in invoicing, newsletters, memos, miscellaneous communications and the maintenance of tuition accounts.

We do not send out monthly billing invoices unless an account is delinquent. The studio uses an EFT system mastercard and visa credit cards.



For accounts over 20 days past due the student will not be allowed to attend classes until the account is current.




  • I - September 10- October 20

  • II - October 21- December 8

  • III - December 9- February 9

  • IV-February 10- March 30

  • V- March 31- May 11

We do not have classes during Portsmouth vacation weeks all sessions are approximately 6 weeks

45min-1hr $115  session

1hr + $120 session

Aerial $145 session (not included in discounts)

tuition discounts

1st class full price

2nd - 15%

3rd - 20%

4th - 25%

5th - 30%

6th - 35%

7th - 40%

8th class or more is free. (this does not include the aerial program)

registration is required to reserve space in class.