Our Annual Showcase will be held on Thursday May16, 2019 at 6pm (Show A) and Friday May 17th 6pm (Show B).  Not all students perform in all shows. If you are in multiple classes or have multiple family members enrolled, we cannot guarantee that your dances will be in the same show. Dancers must be able to attend ALL designated rehearsals and performances. More detailed information provided below.
Showcase location and rehearsals are held at the venue. Winnacunnet High School, 1 Alumni Dr. Hampton, NH

Blocking Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal :
Monday May 13th : Blocking Rehearsal is to set the dancers on stage so they know where to enter and exit and the size of the stage. Once your dancer is done with their routine(s) they can leave the facility. Only one parent/guardian is allowed at rehearsal. Blocking order of times is below
Tuesday May 14th: Dress Rehearsal is a run through of the Showcase to make sure everything flows smoothly for a fantastic performance for all families. Dress rehearsal is the Showcase in order.

  • All students to arrive at 4pm in first costume for Dress rehearsal

  • Students will sit in audience to see the show as we run through Dress rehearsal, students under age 7 may have one adult sit with them in audience and may leave when they are done on stage.

  • All Students may leave after they have performed at Dress rehearsal… if they choose to stay and watch please remind them they need to sit quietly in the audience and will not be allowed to rome around the halls.

  • parents must arrive by 5:30pm to pick up if they are watching, most students should be done by 6pm

Showcase Costumes

non-refundable costume deposit of $50 per class will be due on or before Novemeber 1, 2018. Once showcase costumes have been ordered, you are responsible for full costume payment even if the student withdraws from class prior to the showcase. Costumes range from $65-$95 each. Costume companies are general in size and are not custom fit. You are responsible for minor alterations, i.e. hems, tucks, sewing straps. Showcase costumes are given to students only after the yearly tuition, costume, and if applicable, competition balances have been paid in full. Costume handouts begins April 1, 2019.  Recital costumes cannot be picked up until costume balance, tuition balance (including May) and, if applicable, competition balance are paid in full. Some of our costumes this year will be rented to students and expected to be returned with all pieces and the bag, otherwise additional rental charge will incur.

Ticket Sales


Picture Day

Tickets go on sale Sunday, April 7, 2019 online at   No tickets are sold before this time, except to the staff. Tickets are $20 advanced purchase adult and $15 child under 10. Seating is reserved.

Photo shoot will take place at the Studio on May 4th. We recommend everyone attend as when the children see the photos on the wall we don’t want anyone to feel left out. You are not required to purchase anything, the photographer provides amazing quality and a quick turn around for delivery on the blocking rehearsal May 13th.