Heart Beatz Scholarship Program

Perseverance – Confidence – Team Work – Dedication - Passion

At LA Beatz, we believe that dance can help change a life.  The skills and lessons dancers learn are carried with them forever. 

LA Beatz Dance Studio opened in the Spring of 2014.  From the beginning we recognized that dancing was financially unobtainable for many families in our community and quickly went to work developing a program to change that!

This is how the Heart Beatz Scholarship Program was born.

Families that apply are able to have their child(ren) attend dance classes at little or no cost.

LA Beatz is now entering our 4th year in business.  Our enrollment has tripled in size and we are pleased to announce that 10 students are Heart Beatz Scholarship recipients.

To Apply: Contact Director to fill out scholarship application

To Donate:  -Click on the Donate button

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  • Write the child's name if there is a specific child you are donating to